Enhanced Freight Tracking System (EFTS)



The Enhanced Freight Tracking System (EFTS) is a secure web-based application that is the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) program of record for providing end-to-end in-transit visibility of Security Cooperation shipments to the Security Cooperation community.  EFTS is resident in the Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP), serves as the consolidated source for all Security Cooperation in-transit information and is managed by the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Weapons System Support (WSS) International Programs Directorate (WSS-N52) as the EFTS Executive Agent.  EFTS manages in-transit reporting from over 40 transportation data sources and tracks an average of 600000 shipments per year.

Hawkeye Tracking has been instrumental in assisting the US Government in developing, fielding, sustaining and modernizing the EFTS Program by provided Program Management (PM) and Subject Matter Expertise (SME).  Hawkeye Tracking has performed this service from proof- of-concept in 2007 to the present. Hawkeye’s direct support includes:

  • Provide requirement identification and development, to include:
    • Concept of Operation
    • Operational Requirement Document
    • Metrics and Reports
    • System functionality
    • Designed program governance
  • Develop policy documents related to EFTS
  • Assist in development of budgetary requirements and justification
  • Broker program priorities among U.S. Government and international stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain role-based training products
  • Provide oversight of software development and application management
  • Perform Customer Relations Management, to include:
    • NAVSUP WSS and DSCA briefings
    • Country briefs
    • Freight Forwarder briefs
    • Tri-Service and Transportation related conference demonstrations, presentations and training.
  • Establish and perform program communications management plan
  • Facilitate program governance through In Process Team (IPT) coordination
  • Identify and advocates expansion of EFTS interface expansion (Border Protection, EUM, WebRoR, Security Cooperation Management System)
  • Manages special projects with DoD, international and commercial partners to fully leverage EFTS tracking information to improve associated program management.
    • General Services Administration (GSA)
    • Various countries (Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq)
    • Customs and boarder protection to interface with Automated Export System (AES)
    • End Use Monitoring (EUM) and Enhanced End Use Monitoring (EEUM) integration using EFTS in-transit information
    • Tracking Humanitarian Aid


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