Delivery Reporting System (DRS)

The Delivery Reporting System (DRS) is currently in development and focused on a simple, timely and integrated system to provide shippers with delivery notification in austere logistics environments.


Delivery Reporting System (DRS) Screen Shot


DRS monitors and manages the flow of material into a country, staging in country in preparation for delivery, documentation of delivery to the customer and sharing the delivery report with customer identified system.  DRS captures limited but key data elements to uniquely identify each shipment.

DRS relies on accepted transportation plans and repeatable channels into the target country(s).  DRS will utilize dedicated operators or trained organic operators to collect, manage and document the flow and delivery of material.  DRS monitors and reports shipment status at regional and destination country staging areas, provides research and report capabilities and calculates/reports delivery performance in a variety of perspectives based on the interest of users.

DRS is being designed to operate on smart devices, tablets and laptop computers to capture and transmit in transit processing and delivery to a centralized data repository.  A centralized data repository tailored to the customer will manage the interfaces with other systems that requiring confirmed delivery reporting.   

DRS can capture critical in transit information and fill a critical information vacuum for systems designed to monitor the delivery of goods to the end user.  It is rapidly deployable and when matched with sound transportation planning will quickly achieve delivery reporting in the 90th percentile for any shipment over 30 days. 


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