Hawkeye Tracking... Keeping Your Assets in Our Sights

IFS Cloud - Industry focused software
  • IFS Cloud: A single service management system delivering class leading solutions with Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management, and Service Management. Built to meet the needs and markets your customers serve, IFS Cloud delivers the full spectrum of IFS capabilities from a common platform, with solutions tailored to industry and functional needs.
  • IFS Could Differentiators:
    • Industry Depth – Industry-focused accelerators to help customers implement much more efficiently, along with personalized lobbies, reports and dashboards for fast, accurate decision making.
    • One Single Product – Access all our class leading solutions from a single product, build on a common platform.
    • Imbedded Innovation – Embedding AI, Machine Learning and more into the heart of the product means you capitalize on the latest, most relevant technologies without needing to run expensive or length pilot projects.
    • Same Solution On Prem or Cloud – We offer a choice of operating models whether in our cloud, or managing deployment yourself, where you want to run it.
IFS Maintenix - Aviation maintenance management software
  • A component-based architecture featuring controlled workflow, automated maintenance and materials planning, point-of-maintenance access to real-time information and paperless execution and compliance, IFS Maintenix is designed to address the complete spectrum of aviation maintenance management in a single integrated business solution. With a role-based structure for the capture and dissemination of relevant information, each user is presented with the accurate and timely information needed to do work efficiently and effectively.
  • IFS Maintenix eLogbook is an innovative electronic logbook solution
  • IFS Maintenix Fleet Planner – Leave spreadsheets and manual updates behind for an affordable long-range planning solution. IFS Maintenix Fleet Planner scales with your fleet and works with any M&E system
  • Asset tracking/visibility: Whether it’s implementing various forms of Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) such as bar coding, RFID or satellite tracking or simply improving data collection and interpretation.
  • Inventory Management:  We provide expert services to baseline current operations, identify core strengths and weaknesses, recommend process improvements, monitor supply chain operations.
  • Repairables Management: We have over 29 years experience in the Aerospace and Defense MRO industry. We can transform your repair station to minimize down time and maximize profit.
  • Replace existing military legacy systems: Partnered with IFS we can integrate IFS Applications to resolve compliance concerns.
  • Warehouse Management: Our warehouse management expertise involves optimizing warehouse configuration and efficiency based upon product flow, capacity.