HawkScan and Hawktrack


HawkScan is a suite of devices that are used to scan, collect, and securely transmit data that uniquely identifies transactions or items associated with receipt, inventory, manifest, or delivery of items.

HawkTrack is a web-based data repository, with access controlled by user roles, that aggregates, decodes, organizes HawkScan inputs for review, analysis, and import to management systems.  HawkTrack can be hosted on the GovCloud or on commercial servers.

HawkScan and HawkTrack are designed as a tool to assist users in securely collecting transaction information, formatted in any standard barcode and barcode format, and easily integrate the data into their management systems.


Devices currently being used are Zebra TC21 and TC25 Mobile computers with Android smartphone and a Zebra scanner integrated into a single device that is portable and robust.

Communications options to move data from HawkScan to HawkTrack or directly to the user’s management system are WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC, and Cellular.

Devices are GIS capable if that is a useful datapoint for reporting.  GIS can be blocked if it presents a vulnerability.

Devices can capture images linked to a specific transaction. Images are useful if there is damage to be reported or additional nameplate data that could be useful for researching items that have some ambiguity.

Devices can scan and decode multiple bar code symbology associated with linear, 2D, and data matrix formats.  HawkScan has focused on DoD standards and Foreign Military Sales data elements but can shift to formats most useful to the user.


Images are retained as part of the transaction record.

Access and functionality controlled by registration and user role.

Data and images are both sortable and exportable for analysis and import to the users’ management systems.

The HawkTrack data repository is currently hosted by a commercial cloud provider that is using a secure socket layer certificate.   It can be hosted on the GovCloud in less than 90 days if that is required to provide zero trust and continuous Authority to Operate (ATO) directly with government systems. 

Security levels can match user need. Security can be scaled to support unclassified, controlled unclassified, classified through secret, as dictated by the program being supported.HawkTrack organizes all data submitted from scanned or manual inputs to HawkScan devices.


Receipt reporting for adding to managed inventory or in transit reporting of a transshipment.

Inventory reporting for managed inventory, transshipment custody confirmation, pilferable items validation, weapons accountability, periodic and continuous property management, focus attention on special interest items. HawkScan can scan UII barcodes associated with the DoD UID program in support of improved inventory management and End Use Monitoring programs.

Manifesting items gathered during the consolidation and packing process.

Delivery acceptance reporting at final destination including transfer of custody from US forces to foreign partners.


Rapid and accurate capture of all available data.

Rapid user mastery of processes.

Scanning serves as objective evidence of physical presence.  Images can be captured to increase confidence.

Can eliminate unnecessary document flow, increased document control, and avoid document mishandling and losses.

Universal integration with user management systems to share captured data and images.

Provides and retains images at the transaction level that clarify document facts and are readily accessible for analysis and research, e.g., discrepancy reporting, identify research, mis-ship resolution.

Analysis of transactions and disposition over time.