Logistics Analyst - Transportation


General Summary

Work independently and in a team setting providing product support managers with transportation related research, analysis, tracking, planning, communication and execution for aircraft, airborne weapons, ships, RHIB boats, patrol boats, support and test equipment, shipboard systems and supply support programs associated with foreign military sales (FMS). Provide technical support and coordination as required for the transport of general, hazardous, oversize, overweight, classified and sensitive cargo

Principle Duties & Responsibilities

  • Monitor delivery of material from supply sources to the country’s freight forwarder and assist as needed.
  • Review commodity characteristics (i.e. general cargo, hazardous material, classified, CCI, COMSEC, over-size, over-weight, sensitive) to determine method of movement.
  • Review program procurement documents, shipping and packaging instructions, export licenses, Letters of Offer and Acceptance (LOAs), and Military Assistance Program Address Directory (MAPAD) entries.
  • Guide new and assess current transportation procedures and approaches with existing transportation policies and regulations.
  • Monitor outside agencies and governing organizations for transportation policy, regulation, and procedural changes.
  • Evaluate documents and assigned transportation codes represented in the LOA to ensure alignment with the type of movement.
  • Develop or analyze existing transportation plans and modify as required.
  • Assess recipient country receipt capabilities, facilities, infrastructure, and equipment.
  • Determine if the country has an experienced contracted freight forwarder registered with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and cleared by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) (formally Defense Security Service) as applicable.
  • Ensure all licenses, authorizations, clearances, and case funds are in place prior to shipment.
  • Coordinate with the contracted freight forwarder, military/commercial port of embarkation (POE) and U.S. Customs to identify, mitigate, and resolve import/export delays and/or seized cargo.
  • Recommend transport options and approaches best suited for each unique requirement.
  • Analyze customer repair and return and other sustainment requirements and formulate an appropriate course of action (COA).
  • Coordinate written Notice of Availability (NOA) responses including detailed shipping instructions.
  • Arrange/coordinate transportation requirements with USTRANSCOM, Program/Logistics Managers, U.S. government agencies, FMS country representatives, and designated port of embarkation/debarkation personnel as required.
  • Provide quality control and coordination of inventory efforts of customer equipment, material, and supplies to include:
    • Packing, crating, and preparation of freight for shipment.
    • Utilization of bar-coding equipment to ensure shipment tracking as applicable.
    • Provision of trucks, transport equipment/operators, and storage as needed.
  • Ensure Packaging, Handling, and Storage requirements are met and in accordance with existing regulations.
  • Facilitate U.S. Customs clearance for imports and exports.
  • Provide flight coordination for all Special Assignment Airlift Mission (SAAM) flights, including on-site presence and continual oversight/tracking/status updates throughout the mission.
  • Draft input to and assist in the development of the monthly progress reports as required.
  • Ensure product support teams and program logistics leads are properly supported.  Participate in in meetings as required.  Assist in preparing and presenting reports as necessary.
  • Achieve and maintain Department of Transportation (DoT) Multimodal HAZMAT shipper certification. 
  • Maintain all required certifications, clearances, passport, military base/website accesses.

Security Clearance Requirement


Required Education & Experience

For entry level positions, a high school diploma or equivalent is a minimum requirement.  Associates degrees and bachelor’s degrees are valued but not required.  A year of experience in the areas of transportation management, logistics support or compliance monitoring will equate to a year of college.  Starting salary will reflect the initial level of skill, experience and training.

Preferred Skills & Abilities

  • Veterans and retired veterans receive hiring preference
  • Familiarity with Defense Transportation and Customs management systems
  • Familiarity with Department of Defense supply procedures
  • Familiarity with Foreign Military Sales
  • Self-starting/self-motivated individuals preferred
  • Previous jobs supporting military logistics disciplines
  • Research, data gathering, analysis and presentation
  • Security clearance preferred but not required
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint office software


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